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People always ask me what it’s like to be Julia Roberts.

Of course, this used to bug me, but now, not at all.  People get kind of excited to be with Julia Roberts – whether that’s in the grocery store checkout lane, renting a car, or at a conference. Who am I to object to that kind of positive energy flow?  I love the “Pretty Woman” joke or the “how’z the twins?” question.  Why not? I’m pretty.  I could have twins.

 This leads to a more important question:  What’s it like being you?

If you’re a creative person, you might feel misunderstood.  Or you might feel confused about yourself, even.  Why is there so much drama?  Why don’t I have better success?  Who gets to say if I’m talented “enough?”    Why can’t I always be creative, on-demand.  How can I be creative about my marketing (when I hate it!)  Is there a way for me to be creative for a living, i.e. quit my day job?  Awesome questions, and ones we can work on together.

I’m Julia Roberts and I help people understand and actualize their creativity.  It makes life more fun to let your creativity out to play.  It makes life more profitable to let your creativity out to work.  I’ve lived a lifetime wondering about my own creativity – and how to make it work for me (instead of sometimes against me.)  I’m here – after working 20 years as a marketing brainstormer and strategist, training and certifying as a life coach and creativity coach,  teaching Julia Cameron’s work, and getting a Masters certificate in Creativity Studies – to help you demystify and empower your creativity.

Creativity is in everyone.  It is a part of what makes us unique, what gives us soul. Getting closer to yours is sidling up to Heaven on Earth.